Conversation with County Council Candidates

On February 21st, eight Delaware County Council candidates joined us in Swarthmore for a focused conversation on prison reform. To begin, DelcoCPR member Shonette shared her experience with George W. Hill Correctional Facility as both a staff member and briefly as a resident. Then we were privileged to hear from candidates Anthony Moore, Brett Burman, Christine Reuther, Elaine Schaefer, Larry Arata, Monica Taylor, Robert Radich, and Richard Womack. Each candidate had several minutes to answer the following questions posed by DelcoCPR member Gwen McCullough:

What in your personal or professional background has prepared you to make decisions about the oversight and management of George W. Hill Correctional Facility?

Why do you believe in deprivatizing George W. Hill Correctional Facility? Why is this important?

Beyond deprivatization, what is your vision for transforming this facility into a safe, humane, and transparent one?

Incarceration disproportionately affects people of color and the poor. Issues of race and class are central to criminal justice reform and other aspects of County government. Apart from running for this office, how have you contributed to the fight for racial and economic justice?

All of the candidates in attendance raised their hand in favor of deprivatizing the prison as well as opting into Pennsylvania Statute Title 61, and for getting to work on this promptly if elected. View the video below our image gallery to watch the event and hear the candidate’s answers to these questions.

Note: The Delaware County Democratic Committee has endorsed Christine Reuther, Elaine Schaefer, and Monica Taylor for County Council, as well as DelcoCPR member Jack Stollsteimer for District Attorney.