Phoenix Report Finally Released

The Delaware County Prison Board finally released the long-anticipated report from Phoenix Management focusing on the cost/benefit of private versus public management of George W. Hill Correctional Facility. Learn about the delays and the report’s conclusions.

Letter to the Editor - Transparency Would Help Alleviate Prison Problems

Robert A. Cicchinelli and Sean P. Garraty of DelcoCPR explain why improved transparency will bring us one large step closer to public oversight and control of the $49 million per year and people we commit to Delco’s privately-managed prison.

Delco Prison Board Renews Contract with GEO Group

Despite serious concerns about lack of transparency, understaffing, and inmate mistreatment, the unelected Delaware County Board of Prison Inspectors voted 5-0 to approve a new five-year, $264 million contract with GEO Group to run the George W. Hill Correctional Facility.